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Cold Storage Room
The cold storage room is used for preserving vegetables, fruits, dairy products and meat for a long time. The room has a low temperature that prevents the eatables from getting spoiled and keeps them safe for consumption.
Anjum Sales Project

The Anjum sales project offers the cold room and cold storage that are used for preserving the fruits and vegetables at a low temperature they are customizable units with adjustable temperatures.

Condensing Unit

The condensing unit made by us is used in various electronic appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators and others. The unit helps in controlling the temperature of the electronic items it is used in.

Evaporator Fan Coil Unit

The Evaporator fan coil unit is used in electrical appliances like the fridge and air conditioners, the coil unit absorbs the heat and makes the inside of the fridge cold, it is located on the outside of the fridge.